The purpose of this page is to provide an incomplete sonar mapping of X/ACC. Please note that what may appear to be landmarks could actually be massive life forms. Proceed with caution.


Urphysics: After the Physics, there is the Metaphysics. Before the Physics, there is Urphysics.

Nihiline: The elemental chemical of urphysics which makes the appearance of discrete metaphysical entities possible.

Nihilism: The will’s reaction to the ingestion of nihiline. In humans, this can have depressive or stimulating effects depending on the recipient’s physiology.

Cyber-nihilism: Nihiline-powered AI.

Annihilationism: Blackening the world-image of Dasein. Dark, suicidal phenomenology.


Meatspace: The land.

Wired: The shore.

Aphothecene: The infinite black circle around the anthropocene.

Cyberclopean: The architecture of increasingly decentralized, compartmentalized, and complex cybernetic societies. Examples include: the Wired, the Internet, Kowloon Walled City.

Eldritch anarchy: Post-Everything; the state in which States are impossible. The outstripping of all possibilities of human agency.


Thanatic economy: The black economy beneath the libidinal economy.

Techromancy: The resurrection of dead labor through necromantik technology.


Humanism: The religion of ‘Man. Associated with monotheism, the Enlightenment/Modernism, the Left, liberalism, reaction.

‘Man: The master-class’s image of itself, constructed via invoking discursive understandings of Nature.

Anti-humanism: The religion of Nature. Associated with polytheism, postmodernism, neo-liberalism, the post-left.

Nature: The default states of worlds. Constructed via invoking phenomenological experience in the case of anti-humanism, circling back to the human.

Post-humanism: Altogether-other. Absolutely beyond the human. Associated with occultism and accelerationism.


X/ACC: The conspiracy against Everything.

X///N: The decay of Everything.

Theorypunk: Stealing holy water from the Cathedral.

Demon of History: The Angelus Novus turned forwards.

Aphotheosis. The process of blocking out the sun.

無の夜: Meltdown. Collapse. Eclipse. Nightfall.


Meatspace: 地

Wired: 水

Left-hand: 火

Right-hand: 風

Nightscape: 空