Just a quick site update:

After a period of general inactivity with this blog, I’ve found that much of the content that I had drafted on here has aged poorly. It was fortunate that I didn’t publish any of it, as I’d probably end up regretting it later. So now I’m faced with the task of sorting through it while working on other projects as well, such as my anarchism-adjacent cyber-nihilism work. Many bitcoin books hanging from my neck, and some old posts that I must remove.

You’ll no doubt notice that the site has undergone some changes as well. My web design sensibilities have improved somewhat since I styled the site a year or so ago. I’ve also added social media functionality to encourage sharing, but removed commenting functionality to cut back on administrative tasks like comment moderation that I’d prefer to not have to deal with. I don’t see much value in having a comment section for a site this small, and if it were any bigger the comments sections would devolve into a xenosystems-esque sewer. No need, discussion is better had elsewhere.

As always, I’m responsive to interaction on twitter 💕